A free browser plugin to help employees set up their home office around their needs and focus on their short and long-term physical health. 
I identified through research that hybrid employees were suffering in their everyday lives because of bad workspace ergonomics. This affects short and long-term mental and physical health, impacting their level of efficiency and comfort. Ergo is aimed at office workers working from home or hybrid with the potential to help full-time office workers. These users will spend long hours at a desk and will tend to dismiss their physical health. 
Through interviews and surveys with the target audience, I was able to get a detailed insight into the main issues. In my survey, 81% of participants have or are currently experiencing aches and pains because of working at a desk for long hours. 66.7% believe their workspace isn’t suited to their height. It appeared to me that ergonomics isn’t treated with importance outside the office and that many basic needs are being forgotten. 
Plugin Design
My proposal is an ergonomics browser plugin helping user’s set up a workspace to their needs. When installed on a browser, it reminds the user to stretch, including personalised routines. When the user is experiencing pain, ergo will identify causes and suggest a range of solutions, either stretches or products. Notifications will remind users to stretch, drink water, rest their eyes, etc.
Website Design

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