I designed a Passport Stamp Exhibition based at the V&A, targeting a young adult audience to excite and appreciate this artwork which gets little recognition.
I named the exhibition ‘STAMPED! Passport Stamp Celebration’. This was to express the physical impact of a stamp as well as excitement. 
Digital Design
Poster, Ticket and Entrance Design
As part of the experience, I wanted to give visitors a ticket and passport. The passport would be stamped on entry to the exhibition with the passport stamps I designed. The ticket has a small section that can be scanned and ripped off like a real plane ticket. The entrance is designed like a border control stand with the exhibition branding. I can imagine someone dressed as a border control officer at the entrance stamping everyone’s passports. This is then stamped again at the end with an exit stamp, this is relevant to the recent changes to border control rules. 
Inside the exhibition, there will be 4 sections including history, timeline, theory and semiotics, and personal stories. I visited the National Archives in Kew to look at original passport stamp documents, such as the discussion of the design of exit stamps in Ireland and denied entry due to political issues. This inspired me to use a timeline as part of my design which is printed on the wall and display cases with original passport documents.
Stamp Design
New Designers Exhibition Stand
I had an opportunity to exhibit my work at the New Designer's Exhibition 2022. I made the physical Passport Stamp Exhibition designs to be displayed. This included a physical model of the exhibition, a ticket, a passport booklet, and stamps.

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